Apartment Realty

        Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States,  so teaming up with  an Apartment Realtor is the wisest move for renters.       Apartment   Realty   is innovative   and   smart.     We do the footwork,   and you make the decisions. 

      Experienced professionals, we organize, negotiate and streamline.  We choose to utilize the “Boutique Style” of service, to give you the advantage and open doors you did not know possible.  We come to you, not vice versa.                         

        Along with our parent companies, we are the largest in the state of Texas. We offer 38 years of experience, property relationships and happy customers.  Simply pick up the phone & let us prove to you why Apartment Realty earns our reputation, one client at a time.

     Feel free to breeze through the site, then   contact us for literally thousands of different Houston rental options.     

Free Service

     The same way you would never rent or buy a home without a highly experience Realtor on your team, there is no reason to compromise your apartment home either. Why would you settle for a dusty overpriced loft, in an area you really do not even like?  Why would you pay more rent for a smaller apartment in Montrose, when a professional can open up lists for you & negotiate on your behalf?

     Apartment Realty will never charge you a fee for locating your apartment or loft rental in Houston. Just like the seller of the house pays the fees to your Realtor, …but instead of an invoice, we send you a Move-In Gift!

Botique Service

    We listen to your wants, needs, desires, likes, dislikes, and discuss options within your scope of specifications.  We   create    a unique list of properties for you to consider.   You are never obligated or pressured,  we are  professionals seeking your best interests. 

       After you review the listings we  have emailed to you, you will give us your personal list of favorites.  We call our friends at the properties and set appointments convenient to your schedule, and meet you for a personal tour.

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